C159 Priorclave 01

Large round chamber autoclave

For laboratories wishing to acquire a high capacity, front loading cylindrical chamber autoclave with an exceptional pack density at a more affordable price, the new 500-litre Q63 laboratory autoclave is now available from Priorclave with a chamber profile taller than that found in most ‘cylindrical’ machines thus making it ideal for larger items. Whilst offering better loading versatility with much easier and safer chamber access due to the lower loading height of just 725 mm, the combination of features such as forced air cooling to reduce cycle times and automatic timed free-steaming for improved air removal add to the overall sterilizing performance of the Q63 autoclave. All operating settings are programmed easily through the Tactrol2 microprocessor controller, which also enables sterilizing performance data to be archived and if necessary forwarded from anywhere in the world direct to Priorclave’s UK Service Centre for technical assistance in fine-tuning and clarification of autoclave performance. The robust build quality of the new autoclave features epoxy coated panels and frame members treated with an anti-bacterial agent which is highly effective against all bacteria and fungi including MRSA, key factors in preventing cross contamination within the laboratory.

Supplier: Priorclave

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