LC-MS system for clinical diagnostics

The SCIEX Topaz System is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of the clinical diagnostic lab, lowering the barriers to adoption of LC-MS and making it accessible to the entire clinical lab staff. The heart of the system lies within the innovative ClearCore MD software, a platform which simplifies and streamlines workflows and method development and incorporates features that enhance usability to help new users build proficiency quickly. In addition, the first FDA-cleared (via the de novo pathway) LC-MS based Vitamin D assay kit, the SCIEX Vitamin D 200M Assay, is for use on the SCIEX Topaz System. According to the Centered for Disease Control (CDC), LC-MS technology is the gold standard method for testing vitamin D, as it offers greater specificity and less cross-reactivity over immunoassay methods. The Vitamin D 200M Assay Kit has successfully met the rigorous performance criteria established by the CDC’s Vitamin D Standardization-Certification Program (VDSCP). The assay individually quantitates both vitamin D2 and D3 while also separating out the D3 epimer, providing the specificity to deliver an accurate measurement of vitamin D status. The Topaz System offers both an open system for lab-developed tests (LDTs) and a closed system for running locked, pre-validated assays.

Supplier: Sciex

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