C384 panasonic

Line of -30˚C freezers

A brand new line of -30˚C biomedical freezers provides cost-efficient and secure sample storage across a wide range of applications. A combination of technological advances reduces energy consumption and improves temperature stability, delivering the effective, reliable environmental control needed when storing valuable materials such as vaccines, diagnostic samples, enzymes, culture media and reagents. In conventional freezers, single speed compressors maintain the freezer temperatures by cycling on and off. Panasonic’s new biomedical freezers incorporate inverter compressors which can run at varying speeds to optimize cooling performance under different conditions and ensure highly reliable, efficient operation. This is the first time that such technology has ever been employed in -30˚C freezers. The use of inverter compressors significantly improves the temperature uniformity of the freezer and reduces energy consumption for decreased environmental impact and lower running costs. Natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants also contribute to the low carbon footprint of these new freezers. The -30˚C biomedical freezers feature intuitive microprocessor control with an easy-to-read digital display, which delivers comprehensive set point, alarm, monitoring and diagnostic functions to track system conditions and alert users in the unlikely event of temperature abnormalities.

Supplier: Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe BV

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