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Liquid urine chemistry control

Designed to be both easy and convenient for laboratory staff to use, the Acusera liquid urine control includes fully assayed target values for 18 commonly performed urine chemistry tests including microalbumin and hCG enabling consolidation and ultimately cost savings. Th e stable liquid format of the control eliminates the need for reconstitution and thus reduces the amount of human handling and the subsequent risk of pipetting errors. The material is manufactured from 100% human urine providing not only a matrix similar to the patient sample but also reducing antibody interference and the possibility of control values shift ing aft er a change of reagent batch. A 10ml vial size and an open vial stability of 30 days at +2–8oC for all parameters ensures both waste and, most importantly, costs are kept to a minimum. As a true third party, control laboratories can expect an unbiased, independent assessment of analytical performance. Instrument-specific target values and ranges are also provided for many common brands of clinical chemistry analysers. The liquid urine control is compatible for use with Acusera 24.7, Randox’s new web-based inter-laboratory data management programme. With an extensive range of data management tools, users gain access to worldwide peer group data that is updated every 24 hours, providing the most up-to-date-information available.

Supplier: Randox Laboratories Ltd.

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