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Lonza upgrades MODA-ES Module for improved electronic batch record execution

Lonza has released the MODA-ES Module v4.0, an upgrade to its electronic batch record (EBR) module that enhances user experience and simplifies integration to expedite product release.


The module represents the latest update to the MODA-ES Electronic Batch Record Execution Platform, which supports pharmaceutical companies in replacing paper-based processes with EBRs in the lab and on the production floor.

lonza moda es

The new module is designed to simplify processes, materials and item management, and to enhance batch tracking, approvals and external connectivity. It offers customers an increased range of tools and functionality to streamline data capture and prevent errors, enabling quicker delivery of medicines to the market. As an end-to-end contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), Lonza is well-placed to identify key batch record issues facing manufacturers today. Such challenges include the need to streamline communi­cations between manufacturing and quality control (QC) teams, and to minimize errors in paper-based records. The MODA-ES Module v4.0 addresses these challenges with an affordable, user-friendly, easy-to-deploy, and highly configurable EBR system. It can enable users to eliminate labor-intensive paper-based processes, helping to reduce errors, improve data integrity, accelerate review and appro­vals, and ultimately expedite product release.

The upgraded module builds on the strengths of the existing MODA-ES Module, with new features including:
• Robust weighing and dispensing capabilities for greater ease and precision
• Enhanced materials management for greater simplicity and accuracy
• Improved user interface for seamless and intuitive browsing
• Audit trail enhancements for deeper data contextualization and at-a-glance updates

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