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Lonza’s new Nebula Multimode Reader streamlines quantitative endotoxin detection

Lonza has launched the Nebula Multimode Reader, the first multimode reader qualified for use with Lonza’s turbidimetric, chromogenic and recombinant endotoxin detection methods. Users can now directly compare results from absorbance-based and fluorescence-based endotoxin assays in one reader, reducing the variables and training required for endotoxin detection.

Powered by WinKQCL Software, the reader also streamlines maintenance and validation procedures with a single data management system while maintaining data integrity compliance. This multimode reader expands Lonza’s Complete Testing Solutions, helping customers increase the efficiency of their endotoxin testing program.

Lonza Nebula

Designed to meet the demands of current QC labs, the Nebula Multimode Reader provides users with a single solution for use with multiple endotoxin assay types. Its customized plate movement technology and tunable wavelength capability allow users the choice of the turbidimetric, chromogenic or recombinant Factor C methods. As a result, the selection of the best-suited assay for specific samples will be significantly easier.

Full integration of the Nebula Multimode Reader with Lonza’s WinKQCL Endotoxin Detection and Analysis Software means data integrity compliance is more easily maintained. The audit trail, trends analysis and other key features from the WinKQCL Software are available from one instrument, allowing users to realize a reduction in the time and documentation required to validate new test methods.

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Bio-Rad - Preparing for a Stress-free QC Audit

Lonza’s new Nebula Multimode Reader streamlines quantitative endotoxin detection

The EURORealTime SARS-CoV-2 from EUROIMMUN is now validated for use with saliva as sample material as an alternative to throat swabs. Collection of saliva specimens is easier and less distressing for patients than taking nasal or throat swabs, especially for children.

The CE-marked assay provides fast and simple real-time PCR-based detection of SARS-CoV-2 in RNA isolated from the patient samples. Reverse transcription and real-time PCR are performed in one step, so that only one reaction is required per sample.

The test provides high sensitivity due to simultaneous detection of two defined target sequences in the ORF1ab and N genes of the viral genome. The variants alpha (B.1.1.7 lineage), beta (b.1.351 lineage), gamma (P.1 lineage) and delta (B1.617.2 lineage) can be reliably detected.

The test contains an internal amplification control, which serves as an inhibition and extraction control. A SARS-CoV-2 positive control provided in the test kit is analysed as an external control in every test run ensuring dependable results. The complementary EURORealTime Analysis software provides fully automated and standardised evaluation and documentation of results, including all control results. Comprehensive automation options for sample preparation, PCR setup and PCR performance are available.