C205 Roche 01

Low-volume coagulation analyser

This new coagulation analyser, the cobas t 411 analyser, now available for countries accepting the CE Mark, is a stand-alone laboratory coagulation system that is suitable for low-volume routine testing (up to 120 samples per day). The cobas t 411 analyser allows continuous loading of all samples, reagents and the cuvettes, which hold the required samples and reagents during testing. This will ultimately help reduce workflow interruption. The unique cuvette design, and readiness check prior to measurement, helps improve quality of results. The multimode cap piercing, which recognizes different sample cap types prior to sampling, gives flexibility and convenience. In addition, the analyser has the highest reagent capacity on the market for reduced hands-on time, compared to other systems offered at low-volume coagulation laboratories. Laboratory coagulation testing accounts for around one fifth of the total sample workload of the core laboratory. The cobas t 411 analyser serves low-volume central coagulation laboratories and features innovative sample and reagent management concepts that may enable increased operator convenience and productivity. The analyser offers cap-piercing as a standard feature, which maximizes throughput when combined with the five position rack-based sample handling. High on-board capacities for reagents and samples, along with continuous loading of reagents, samples and consumables, result in increased walk-away times. Efficient reagent use is optimized with on-board barcode scanning capability and cooled, tilted reagent racks. Patient safety is prioritized through the unique opto-mechanical detection principle by checking each sample before measurement, as well as the always available STAT port, whereby emergency samples can be immediately processed with test results returned in a timely fashion.

Supplier: Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

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