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Lysis and Hypotonic Sonication Buffers for ChIP Assays

28th NOVEMBER 2022 – Offering complete disruption of cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes, Porvair Sciences Chromatrap® buffer chemistries are optimised for sonication andenzymatic shearing.

The success of a ChIP assay is highly dependent on the quality of chromatin prepared. Chromatrap® lysis and hypotonic buffers are high performance reagents you can trust in this critical first step in isolating chromatin from your sample. For enzymatic shearing from fixed cells or tissue – both these detergent-based buffers are ideal for effective fragmentation of nuclear material.

For the disruption of cell membranes, Porvair Sciences optimised Chromatrap® hypotonic buffer composition ensures effective lysis of cell membranes to aid in the release of nuclei material from a wide range of varied species.

Formulated for difficult to lyse cell types and tissues, Porvair Sciences optimised Chromatrap® lysis buffer is proven to enable researchers to better explore and understand the underlying processes and mechanisms that drive biological organisms.

For further information on Chromatrap® lysis and hypotonic sonication buffers please visit or contact Porvair Sciences Ltd on +44 1978 666222 / +1 856 696 3605 /

Porvair Sciences, together with JG Finneran and Porvair Kbiosytems are global manufacturers of consumables and instruments for life science and analytical workflows. From microplate technologies, glass vials, assay kits to automated laboratory equipment, the group is committed to equipping customers with high quality products for improved analysis and increased productivity to accelerate scientific discovery with integrity. Chromatrap® is a brand of Porvair Sciences Ltd. with R&D and production laboratories based in the UK. The extensive Chromatrap® product range includes ChIP kits, DNA purification kits and other innovative products for the life science market.

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