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M. pneumoniae + C. pneumoniae Duplex Real-Time PCR kit

New M. pneumoniae + C. pneumoniae Duplex Real-Time PCR kit allows rapid and accurate detection of these pathogens in less than an hour run time and with <10 copies sensitivity.

Labsystems Diagnostics combines detection of C. pneumoniae and M. pneumoniae in a multiplex kit for simultaneous detection of both bacteria in a single tube reaction. Detection of a genomic DNA target is included in all kits as an internal control for sample validity, extraction and amplification. A separate positive control is included as well.

The assays have shown no cross-reactivity with other respiratory pathogens such as B. pertussis, B. parapertussis, H. influenza, L. pneumophila, S. pneumoniae, M. tuberculosis, Influenza A/B or M. genitalium, M. bovis, M. fermentas, M. arginini and C. trachomatis.

Suitable sample types are sample transfer medium, nasal aspiration biopsy, respiration biopsy, nasal swab and BAL.

The new assay is adaptable to most Real-Time PCR instruments with commonly used fluorescence channels.

Supplier: Labsystems Diagnostics Oy

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