Mass spectrometer for routine quantitation

A new triple quadrupole system is available that delivers 10x better sensitivity than triple quadrupole systems in the same mid-level class. The TripleQuad 4500 system with industry-leading ruggedness is designed to be the new ‘workhorse’ mass spectrometer. With the option of QTRAP technology, which increases full-scan sensitivity by 100x over basic triple quadrupoles by incorporating the Linear Accelerator Trap, unmatched levels of confidence in results are provided. To simplify the adoption of this next generation of LC/MS/MS technology, bundled solution packages (Accelerated Lab Integration Packages) are offered consisting of the mass spectrometer, but also the standards, software, training, validation services and a liquid chromatography (LC) system, including the new Eksigent ekspert ultra 100 and 100-XL systems. These are analytical flow rate LC systems. With the new 4500 series, laboratory analysts are able to significantly improve results for a variety of applications, including clinical research, forensic toxicology, protein identification, peptide quantitation and bioanalysis.

Supplier: Sciex

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