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Measurement Uncertainty Report in Unity Real Time 2

Bio-Rad Laboratories recently announced the availability of a new Measurement Uncertainty Report in their Quality Control Data Management Software Unity Real Time 2 Service Pack 5 upgrade. Under ISO 15189, Measurement Uncertainty is a mandatory requirement and allows labs to calculate their analytical test dispersion. This new report allows laboratories to calculate their Measurement Uncertainty according to one of three different calculations. The three different calculations include the standard expanded Uncertainty based on the lab’s imprecision (consistent with RCPA and NABL), and two combined expanded uncertainty calculations which contain either the bias or the calibrator uncertainty (consistent with the SH GTA 14 Guideline from France).
Unity Real Time 2 is Bio-Rad’s expert QC Data Management solution for desktop users which facilitates compliance under CLIA and ISO 15189. It provides run validation with real-time bench and supervisor QC data review with comprehensive audit trails. It allows labs to participate in Bio-Rad’s Unity Interlaboratory Program with over 50,000 participating instruments. All QC data can be uploaded from any LIS, middleware or instrument via the Unity Connect software. Users can also reduce non-essential retests with Analytical Goal options and implement the best QC rules with the Westgard Advisor or use Bio-Rad’s latest QC design tool Mission: Control which provides a risk based approach to Quality Control.

Supplier: Bio-Rad Laboratories

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