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MENA DIGIHEALTH Conference – Experience the future of healthcare technologies of the Middle East

DATE: 23rd – 24th Nov 2022, Virtual

Event Overview:

The MENA DIGIHEALTH forum will bring together thought leaders from healthcare sector. These leaders will be from both public and private healthcare entities which includes health ministries, private healthcare institutions, digital health experts, researchers and government bodies to share their knowledge and highlight the need for digital health in challenging times. The main objective is of having a “Digital Transformation” day to day life securing future with best of the best healthcare system.

The two-day summit will host more than 20 speakers and attract over 100+ senior healthcare experts representing the government, hospitals, and universities from the MENA region to exchange ideas around best practices on a variety of strategic and operational topics on technologies such as AI, IoT, Intelligent Automation, Hybrid Cloud, Telehealth, Health Informatics, Patient Experience, AR/VR, 3D printing and much more, not only delivering an efficient healthcare system but also effectively improving patient experience. This also helps in speeding up the hospital processes while still being cost effective in the healthcare space.

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