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Micronic releases complete line of automation friendly screw cap carriers

The EURORealTime SARS-CoV-2 from EUROIMMUN is now validated for use with saliva as sample material as an alternative to throat swabs. Collection of saliva specimens is easier and less distressing for patients than taking nasal or throat swabs, especially for children.

Micronic has released a complete line of automation friendly screw cap carriers. The cap carriers are fully compatible with the automated screw cap capping and decapping equipment offered by Micronic. Based on the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (ANSI/SLAS) standards, the screw cap carriers accommodate 96-, 48-, and 24-well format screw caps.

The disposable cap carriers are compatible with all Micronic screw caps for both internally and externally threaded tubes. The cap carriers are ideal to use for decapping and recapping sample storage tubes. Easily remove the screw caps from the tubes and place them in the carrier while researching the samples within the tubes. When the

sample can be stored again, it is easy to recap the sample storage tubes again with – for example – a CS700 Automated Screw Cap Recapper. Simply place the cap carrier with screw caps in the recapper. It will load the screw caps in the machine. Then place the rack with tubes and get a fully capped rack in return.

All Micronic labware is manufactured and assembled in-house in a NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certified clean room environment. By maintaining the highest possible hygiene level during our production processes, Micronic manufactured labware is free of any detectable RNase or DNase contamination and the endotoxin level of produced and packaged labware is limited to an acceptable minimum (<0.01 EU/ml). Micronic products are periodically tested on RNase, DNase and their endotoxin levels by independent expert organizations. For more information, visit:

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Micronic releases complete line of automation friendly screw cap carriers