C353 Jenoptik

Modular platform for digital Image capture, processing and analysis

SYIONS is a miniaturized modular diagnostic imaging platform, allowing users to quickly and efficiently generate all types of image data from in-vitro diagnostics devices for use in scientific and clinical settings. SYIONS enables the quick and cost-effective implementation of applications in the areas of live cell imaging, flow cytometry and molecular diagnostics.
The modular system solution combines proven Jenoptik modules such as LED illumination, optical elements, digital cameras and auto-focus, as well as X/Y scanners, electronics, and software, to enable efficient imaging solutions that provide the user with images of the highest quality and ensure easy integration into the software system environment of medical or laboratory devices. Moreover, with Jenoptik’s own modular software, work processes can be performed consistently and efficiently across various operating systems. For instance, with the help of Jenoptik’s SYIONS platform, the examination of cells or tissue samples can be automated quickly and reliably. Devices are decreasing in size while, at the same time, performance data is improving and reliability is increasing. Due to the standardization of the individual modules, these devices can now be produced cost-effectively in smaller production runs.   
SYIONS is made up of various established Jenoptik technologies, which have been combined to create a complete custom solution that is tailored to the individual needs of clients, including their system requirements and application needs. This complete system is significantly smaller than conventional microscopes and imaging systems, meaning it can be quickly and easily integrated into the client’s laboratory equipment, whether existing or yet to be developed.

Supplier: JENOPTIK Optical Systems GmbH

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