C322 DiaSorin

Molecular analyser

The new Liaison Iam molecular diagnostic platform utilizes proprietary Q-LAMP technology. Q-LAMP has been developed to offer all the benefits of isothermal LAMP technology whilst adding the benefits of real time, fluorescent, multiplexed amplification as well as single tube RNA amplification. The Liaison Iam instrument is a small benchtop unit which is connected to the Iam Control Unit (ICU) via a USB interface. The ICU runs proprietary, simple to use software in which a graphical user interface (GUI) guides the operator through a series of simple setup steps. Up to six instruments can be connected to a single ICU, making the Liaison Iam perfect for laboratories who may start with a small number of tests and add units as their workload or test portfolio grows. Liaison Iam running DiaSorin Q-LAMP assays offers a viable alternative to PCR in decentralized laboratory settings.


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