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MolGen opens new offices in UK, US

MolGen B.V., a provider of DNA / RNA extraction technology, has opened an office in London, UK. The new location will serve as a pivotal branch to provide laboratories in the UK with access to the company’s extraction DNA / RNA portfolio across diagnostics, pharma and the biotech industry. The opening of the London office follows MolGen’s opening of its US office in San Diego.

“We have been fortunate to experience such rapid growth as a company. Our ability to scale quickly has been a great asset as we continue to strive to meet the growing demand for our innovations. We see this new office as a way to further advance the testing and diagnostics industry and provide solutions as to how the world responds to disease and other life science conditions,” said Niels Kruize, MolGen CCO.

MolGen UK will serve as the launch point for MolGen’s innovative product MegaPrep – a bi-weekly, non-invasive monitoring PCR test that gives users the ability to analyse up to a million samples a day. Using devices that can be customised to each lab, MegaPrep brings precision, speed and quality to the diagnostics workflow, resulting in accurate analysis at scale. As a pay-by-sample testing method it will help more parts of society, such as schools and business to remain open and combat disease, says the company.