C342 Euroimmun PUUV IgG pos 1

Multiparametric immunofluorescence assay for hantaviruses

A multiparametric indirect immunofluorescence assay (IFA) for the simultaneous detection of infections with different old and new world hantaviruses has been developed and evaluated in an international study published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases in April 2013. The IFA utilizes BIOCHIP Mosaics, with each substrate consisting of cells infected with one of the virus types Hantaan (HTNV), Puumala (PUUV), Seoul (SEOV), Saaremaa (SAAV), Dobrava (DOBV), Sin Nombre (SNV) or Andes (ANDV). In the evaluation study, 184 confirmed seropositive sera from six diagnostic centres worldwide and 89 control sera were analysed for specific antibodies of immunoglobulin classes IgG and IgM against hantaviruses using the IFA. The assay demonstrated an overall sensitivity of 100% for all serotypes with the exception of SNV (96%) and an overall specificity of at least 98% for each serotype. 99% of the patient sera exhibited IgG antibodies and 71% IgM antibodies. Notably, the IFA was able to distinguish PUUV and ANDV infections from those with murinae-borne hantaviruses such as DOBV and SEOV, thus providing useful additional information for therapeutic decision making. The authors note that many hantavirus patients are still clinically misdiagnosed as having influenza-like infections, renal failure or idiopathic acute respiratory distress syndrome. Accurate diagnosis is, however, essential given the mortality rates of up to 35% from hantavirus syndromes. The misdiagnosis rate combined with the increasing number of hantavirus infections worldwide demonstrates the need for simple and reliable tests which allow detection of all clinically relevant hantavirus serotypes. Analysis of specific antibodies is the method of choice for diagnosing hantavirus infections. By combining the most important pathogenic hantaviruses in one assay, this IFA system is suited to detect any hantaviral infection worldwide. The test is particularly suitable for serodiagnostic screening in regions where multiple serotypes are endemic.


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