C391 Trimero

Nephelometric free light chain assays for IMMAGE immunochemical systems

KLoneus®, the TRIMERO’s new generation of Kappa and Lambda free light chain assays, for serum and urine samples, based on polyclonal specific antibodies, have been developed specifically for the Beckman Coulter’s IMMAGE® and IMMAGE® 800 immunochemical systems, using UDR particle enhanced non-competitive rate nephelometry method, with antigen excess control.
In order to ensure lot to lot traceability, values have been referred to the European Reference Material ERM-DA470k/IFCC (Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, IRMM).
Other available assays for IMMAGE® immunochemical systems include IgD Immunoglobulins, C1q Complement, C5 Complement, C1 (Esterase) Inhibitor, Retinol Binding Protein (RBP) for serum and urine, Soluble Transferrin Receptor (sTfR), Hemopexin, Cystatin-C for serum and urine, B2-Microglobulin for serum and urine, Serum Amyloid A (SAA),…


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