Amino Acid Analysis

New Assay Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) by LC-MS/MS

The new assay MassChrom® Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) from Chromsystems is designed for the quantitative determination of 48 amino acids in plasma/serum. It is CE0123-IVD certified and can be used for a range of applications including follow-up testing in newborn screening, therapy monitoring as well as for other amino acid testing purposes, such as aminoacidopathy diagnosis or nutritional research. 48 of the clinically most important amino acids are analysed with a run time of 20 min. Alternatively, the same assay allows the determination of 7 parameters for the common metabolic diseases PKU and MSUD in 8-9 min – ideal for laboratories with a higher sample throughput. Both modes can be used without changes to the chromatographic setup or sample preparation.
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Supplier: Chromsystems

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