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New cell isolation reagent kits offer streamlined workflow for cell therapy development

Applied Cells has launched the ‘MARS Ingenuity’ line of immunomagnetic cell isolation reagent kits designed to work seamlessly with their proprietary MARS Bar platform. These kits contain biodegradable superparamagnetic beads conjugated with monoclonal antibodies for positive selection of specific cell types like CD4+, CD8+, CD14+, and CD3/28+ cells.


Applied Cells MARS Ingenuity

The key advantages of the Ingenuity reagents lie in their high stability, availability in both research-use-only (RUO) and GMP-grade formats, and optimized performance on the MARS Bar system. This integrated solution enables efficient cell separations from various sample types, including leukopaks, bone marrow, and whole peripheral blood.

A major advance for cell therapy workflows

The Ingenuity kits and MARS Bar combination offers several benefits over traditional cell isolation methods:

  1. High-throughput processing: The closed MARS Bar system can process up to 6 mL of sample per minute using a single-use tubing set.
  1. Direct isolation from blood: Cells can be isolated directly from blood samples without extra washing or centrifugation steps.
  1. High purity, viability & recovery: The gentle, column-free separation yields highly pure and viable cell products.
  1. Time savings: The streamlined workflow allows same-day cell isolation from received samples.
  1. Reproducibility: Consistent performance across scales from assay optimization to GMP manufacturing.
  1. Cost effectiveness: An integrated end-to-end solution reduces capital costs and hands-on time.

From bench to bedside

Researchers can start with the RUO Ingenuity kits on the compact MARS Bar Flex for small-scale optimization. As the therapy progresses, they can directly transition to the GMP-grade reagents and full MARS Bar system for scaled-up cell manufacturing using the same protocols.

This seamless workflow from Applied Cells aims to accelerate cell therapy development timelines and enable faster translation of cutting-edge therapies like CAR-T and CAR-macrophages to the clinic.