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New triple quadrupole LC-MS system delivers enhanced sensitivity and stability

Shimadzu Corporation has launched the new LCMS-TQ RX Series of triple quadrupole liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) systems, designed to provide clinical laboratories with greater analytical sensitivity, measurement stability, and operational efficiency.

The three models – LCMS-8060RX, LCMS-8050RX, and LCMS-8045RX – represent the latest innovations in Shimadzu’s high-performance LC-MS/MS instrumentation.


Shimadzu LCMS 8060RX

Stringent regulations drive need for robust clinical analysis

Increasingly stringent regulations in the clinical diagnostics industry have heightened the demand for highly accurate and reliable analytical data. Triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS systems offer the sensitivity and selectivity required to meet this need, with their applications continuously expanding across a wide range of clinical tests and research areas. However, consecutive analysis of numerous samples necessitates robust instrumentation capable of delivering consistent performance with minimal downtime.


Shimadzu LCMS 8050RX

Enhancing data integrity through stabilized ionization

The new LCMS-TQ RX Series addresses data reliability concerns by stabilizing sample ionization through an improved ion source design. The newly developed CoreSpray nozzle generates a uniform spray, enhancing the stability of analytical measurements. Additionally, the proprietary IonFocus technology efficiently introduces ions into the mass spectrometer, removing contaminants and achieving higher measurement sensitivity.


Shimadzu LCMS 8045RX

Automated calibration and eco-friendly operation

The PERFORMANCE CONCIERGE function automates instrument calibration, checking the system’s status before each measurement and fine-tuning parameters as needed. This streamlines laboratory operations, ensures optimal performance, and reduces downtime. Furthermore, the ecology mode minimizes power consumption by automatically shutting down the instrument during periods of inactivity, resulting in approximately 31% lower energy usage compared to conventional systems.

Shimadzu’s commitment to analytical excellence

Through the LCMS-TQ RX Series, Shimadzu continues its dedication to developing high-precision analytical instruments that enhance performance while reducing the time, cost, complexity, and environmental impact of essential laboratory work. This latest innovation will contribute to the advancement of clinical research, diagnostics, and therapeutic development, supporting the growth of healthcare and other vital sectors.