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Novel array promises comprehensive blood typing for clinical research

Thermo Fisher Scientific has introduced a groundbreaking solution for more precise blood genotyping in clinical research. The Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ BloodGenomiX™ Array and Software offers a single, high-throughput assay capable of detecting most extended and rare blood groups, as well as tissue (HLA) and platelet (HPA) types.

Addressing transfusion risks

Blood typing is crucial for matching blood and tissue types prior to transfusions and transplants. Incompatible blood can lead to antibody formation, increasing the risk of severe reactions in future transfusions. This risk is particularly high for individuals requiring frequent transfusions, such as chemotherapy patients and those with inherited blood disorders.

The Axiom BloodGenomiX Array covers over 40 genes and 260 antigens across 38 blood group systems, along with HLA and HPA types. This extensive coverage goes beyond the standard ABO and Rh typing, addressing the need for extended blood typing to mitigate potential risks of hemolytic transfusion reactions.


Collaborative development and validation

Developed in collaboration with the Blood transfusion Genomics Consortium (BGC), the array underwent validation using 14,000 diverse DNA samples from various national blood services. The study demonstrated a high concordance rate of 99.89% with participants’ blood group antigen types.

Willem H. Ouwehand, BGC chair and Professor of Experimental Haematology at the University of Cambridge and NHS Blood and Transplant in England, commented: “Adoption of DNA-based blood typing will pave the way for large-scale genomics research and the future establishment of international standards to improve the safety and efficacy of blood transfusion for millions of patients.”

Dr Connie Westhoff, BGC deputy chair and representative of the National Center for Blood Group Genomics at the New York Blood Center, added: “The Blood transfusion Genomics Consortium’s goal is to develop an affordable, scalable blood typing solution that can one day be embedded in accredited labs globally. Our vision is to one day make comprehensive blood typing for all donor and patient blood the standard of care.”

Streamlined workflow

The BloodGenomiX Array can be integrated with Applied Biosystems™ BloodGenomiX Reporter Software and the Applied Biosystems GeneTitan MC Instrument, offering an automated analysis, reporting, and quality control workflow. This setup requires minimal hands-on time and can be operated by existing lab staff.

Future implications

Kevin Lowitz, vice president and general manager of microarray solutions at Thermo Fisher Scientific, highlighted the potential impact: “The Axiom BloodGenomiX Array and Software provide a cost-effective, high-through-put solution for extended blood typing research. In the future, having access to a scalable, array-based blood typing solution may help blood services effectively screen extended blood types for more precise blood matching.”

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