C368 Shimadzu

nSMOL for fast and precise mAb Bioanalysis

Shimadzu’s new nSMOL Antibody BA reagent kit offers a unique and standardized workflow for the quantitation of monoclonal antibody drugs by LC-MS/MS in blood or other biological samples. The technique, called nano- Surface and Molecular-Orientation Limited (nSMOL) proteolysis, has been designed to minimize sample complexity while maintaining the specificity of the protein substrate for LC–MS/MS quantitation in therapeutic drug monitoring of mAbs. nSMOL proteolysis is an entirely novel solid-solid proteolysis method engineered to deliver highly efficient and quantitative detection of CDR (Complementarity-Determining Region) peptides while decreasing the peptide numbers of the analytical target without antibody denaturation.

For more information on Shimadzu’s total solution for biopharmaceutical lab please visit: www.shimadzu.eu/nsmol-antibody-ba-kit and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoOarzAQg68

Supplier: Shimadzu Europa GmbH

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