C369 DiaSorin Liaison Iam

Parvovirus B19 molecular assay

Designed for use on the Liaison Iam instrument, the Iam Parvo assay is a highly sensitive, rapid quantitative molecular assay for Parvovirus B19 diagnosis.  Parvovirus B19 (B19V) infection is common and occurs worldwide, with epidemics following a 3-4 year cycle.  The virus is typically acquired in childhood when it causes the mild, self-limiting rash illness erythema infectiosum (commonly known as ‘slapped cheek’ or ‘fifth disease’).  It is transmitted through respiratory droplets and can vary in severity from asymptomatic to life-threatening illness.  B19V infection during pregnancy can have severe consequences. The infection can transfer from mother to fetus across the placenta and may cause fetal death or poor outcomes (including severe neurological disease) in surviving babies.  B19V is also problematic in immunocompromized patients and is the leading cause of pure red cell aplasia in AIDS patients.  In individuals with sickle cell anemia, B19V infection can result in transient aplastic crisis (TAC).  Chronic B19V infection can lead to persistent and severe anemia and is also associated with conditions such as arthropathy, glomerulonephritis and neurological disease. Calibrated against the WHO standard for B19V, Iam Parvo provides exceptional time-to-result benefits when compared to PCR, with equivalent specificity. The Liaison Iam instrument uses DiaSorin’s proprietary Q-LAMP technology.


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