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Pipette tips designed for Integra pipettes

INTEGRA Biosciences has developed its GripTip pipette tips range to overcome the problems associated with the use of universal pipette tips. Universal pipette tips require hammering on to stretch the tip, often resulting in a suboptimal fit that can lead to loose, leaking and falling off tips. GripTips are designed to offer a perfect fit on INTEGRA pipettes, effortlessly snapping onto the tip fittings with low attachment and ejection forces. This ensures that all tips are at the same height, guaranteeing perfect alignment and seal, even when performing side well touch-offs. They span a wide volume range – from 0.5 to 5000 µl – and are available in sterile,  non-sterile and filtered options. The portfolio also includes a number of specialty GripTips, such as low retention tips for recovering viscous solutions, wide bore tips for cellular applications, short tips for improved ergonomics and targeting of small wells, and extra long tips for improved access to tubes. This range is continuously being expanded to ensure that there are GripTips to meet the needs of every customer, for every application. The two latest tips include a 1250 µl short tip – perfect for ergonomically pipet-ting large volumes, by eliminating the need to hold the pipette high over the bench, reducing the risk of RSI – and a 300-µl long tip that, at 102 mm long, enables the user to easily reach the bottom of standard 100 ml tubes. To aid tip selection, INTEGRA has launched its GripTip selector, simply using filters to identify the most suitable tips for the required workflow in seconds.

Supplier: Integra Biosciences AG

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