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POC diagnostic instrument development service

The Technology Partnership plc (TTP), announced the launch of Desktop Biology™, a new service that will enable point-of-care diagnostic providers to rapidly convert their biological assay into a market-ready system capable of producing a result in as little as 15 minutes. The new service provides an accessible and rapid route to market, offering a seamless approach for companies looking to accelerate the development of their assay to a product for use in diagnostics or research. Made possible with TTP’s expertise in regulated environments and fast track system development, this advance will enable rapid translation of a customer’s biology to a product on the market. Key to this service is the ability for TTP’s team to understand the fundamental steps required to convert lab-based biological processes (for example, sample preparation, labelling and assay measurement) to a functional low-cost disposable and small instrument. Users of the Desktop Biology service will have the opportunity to benefit from TTP’s in-house platforms and technologies, that have been designed to translate complex biological assays into low-cost, disposable consumables. For example, one platform enables open-access biology and liquid handling for 30 μL to 2 mL volumes, while another is purpose-built for dealing with complex processes such as small liquid volumes in the range of 10 μL to 200 μL whilst maintaining a low disposable cost. Desktop Biology customers will also have access to TTP’s novel IP that has been especially developed to address some of the key challenges in the biological arena. This includes technologies that provide benefits for a number of assay steps, including biological and cellular deposition, methods for the rapid lysing of high sample volumes, high speed thermocycling, optical and electronic detection systems, and unique low profile and nonpulsatile pumps for highly controlled liquid movement.

Supplier: The Technology Partnership Plc

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