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POC quantitative immunoassay analyser

The FastPack IP System is a fully automated quantitative immunoassay analyser designed for use in any size physician office laboratory. Utilizing sophisticated chemiluminescence technology, it provides the capability to produce complex immunoassay results in 12 minutes or less with a push of a button. The FastPack IP System is versatile and requires minimal space while offering a test menu that will make a clinical impact at the point-of-care. Assays include Vitamin D, Testosterone, TSH, Free T4, PSA and hCG. The system is simple to use with no specialized training required and “One Touch” operation providing an easy to use format. The innovative reagent pack contains all assay reagents for no chemical exposure with minimal hands-on time. No system maintenance is required. “On Demand” results increase office efficiencies by decreasing patient call-backs, while patient side answers allow for the adjustment of replacement therapy on the spot. The system requires minimal space, yet provides laboratory accuracy and precision at the simple push of a button. It utilizes monoclonal antibody technology coupled with a patented chemiluminescence substrate for true laboratory performance.

Supplier: Sekisui Diagnostics, LLC

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