Point-of-Care blood analysis system

The newest version of Alere’s epoc Blood Analysis System is available. A cost-effective, point-of-care testing solution that makes use of Smartcard technology and wireless connectivity, the system provides real-time, lab-quality blood gas, electrolyte and metabolite results at the patient’s bedside. Testing that is run through a central lab can typically take up to 40 minutes to complete, but, with this platform, clinicians are able to access results immediately and make vital treatment decisions, all while minimising operational costs. Hosted on a new handset, the new system has even more functionality than its predecessor. Platform enhancements include a built-in 2D barcode, alpha-numeric keyboard and improved connectivity. The Microsoft Windows Mobile Operating System has also been upgraded, making the platform even faster, allowing for more robust use in a critical care environment, and optimising screen resolution so results can be easily read.

Supplier: Alere international

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