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Porvair expands porous plastics manufacturing capacity due to high demand

Porvair Sciences has installed new automated precision die-cutting equipmentthat has enabled a five-fold increase in its production capacity for porous plastic components. This major investment by the company is in response to a significant rise in demand from customers for precision components made from its high performance Vyon porous plastics.

Installed in Porvair’s cGMP compliant cleanroom production facility the new equipment is able to produce porous plastic components with excellent edge finish, cleanliness and repeatable tightly toleranced quality making it ideal for products such as pipette filter tips.

Available in polyethylene and polypropylene, Vyon is manufactured with a controlled and even pore size distribution, ensuring consistent and efficient flow characteristics. This makes Vyon ideal for a wide variety of filtration, separation and liquid handling applications.

Using regulatory approved polymer powders, Vyon sintered porous plastic components exhibit exceptional chemical compatibility making them a popular material choice for analytical laboratory applications in healthcare labs.