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Porvair’s reagent reservoirs ensure minimal waste

Sakura Finetek Europe has released its newest solution, the Tissue-Tek Genie, an advanced staining system.

The Tissue-Tek Genie Advanced Staining System is the first and only fully automated, true random access stainer for immuno­histochemistry and in situ hybridisation. It is fast, providing a predictable case turnaround time.

Commenting on the product launch, Chris Koeman, President of Sakura Finetek Europe, said: “This underlines our company’s mission: empowering pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimise treatment success for each life we touch.”

Mateo Iglesias, vice-president of marketing and sales, said: “This is a next-generation advanced staining system, a game changer in the complex world of advanced staining. Genie drives quality and standardisation of every slide, allowing our customers to make a confident diagnostic decision with a system that will guarantee consistent and optimal results.”

porvair reagent reservoir