C217 Molzym 01

Prep automation in culture-independent pathogen PCR testing

Micro-Dx enables the culture-independent diagnosis of pathogens in various clinical samples. Micro-Dx is the first product combining walk-away automated human DNA removal and pathogen DNA extraction with broad-range rDNA Real-Time PCR and sequencing into a rapid diagnostic system for bacteria and fungi. Prominent advantages of molecular testing are the time gain compared to culturing and detection of pathogens that do not grow for reasons of fastidious nutrition requirements or growth inhibition due to antibiotic treatment of patients. Extraction of 1 to 12 samples is operated in the Select- NAplus instrument, which saves tedious manual handling and time. At the end of the procedure an exact differentiation of the species is obtained. Micro-Dx operates a wide range of specimens, including EDTA blood, CSF, BAL, aspirates from joints, swabs from wounds and abscesses and tissue biopsies from heart valves, liver and brain.

Supplier: Molzym GmbH & Co KG

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