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ProBioGen co-develops new Freedom ExpiCHO-S cell line development kit

Following the success of the Gibco Freedom CHO-S Cell Line Development Kit, ProBioGen and Thermo Fisher Scientific have teamed up again to develop an even better platform: the Gibco Freedom ExpiCHO-S Cell Line Development Kit. It allows users to generate cell lines suitable for clinical development without their own starter cells, vectors or prior experience in the field. Applying its strong expertise in cell line and process development, ProBioGen has substantially contributed to the performance of the Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit.

The new kit uses Thermo Fisher’s ExpiCHO-S cell line and a new powerful media platform specifically developed for it. The kit is based on a novel set of ProBioGen vectors equipped with strong promoters, selection markers and protective elements providing expression stability. Together with a simple workflow optimized by ProBioGen, the kit provides short development time, reproducibly high titres (3-5 g/L) and high expression stability.

“Generating a stable and high performing cell line is the starting point for successful pharmaceutical development. The Gibco Freedom ExpiCHO-S Kit allows seamless transition from transient to stable production reproducing previously found product modifications. Moreover, the specific ProBioGen vector composition offers flexibility not only for antibodies but in particular for a variety of novel product formats,” said Dr Volker Sandig, ProBioGen’s Chief Scientific Officer.

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