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ProBioGen granted patent for DirectedLuck transposase technology

ProBioGen’s Transposase binds to specific epigenetic histone marks characteristic for highly active genome regions. Omitting the plasmid backbone, multiple transposable elements carrying the transgene cassette are specifically inserted resulting in highly stable and high expressing clones.

The Japan Patent Office (JPO) has issued the first patent for ProBioGen’s DirectedLuck technology. The powerful gene delivery system is based on a highly active transposase fusion variant that enables epigenetic targeting and a carefully designed transposon.

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This cutting-edge technology provides bulk pools that not only achieve titers of up to 13 g/L for different antibody formats, but also exhibit exceptional expression stability over more than 50 population doublings. This makes these pools well-suited for large-scale manufacturing.

‘‘This patent grant is an important milestone for this innovative cell-engineering technology. The plug-and-play system delivers its benefits across the entire biopharmaceutical value chain and enables speed to the clinic,” said Dr Volker Sandig, CSO of ProBioGen. ‘‘Thanks to our DirectedLuck technology, clients achieve higher titer and maximum stability at the shortest timelines.”

DirectedLuck has been successfully applied at ProBioGen to generate hundreds of producer cell lines for clients and is endorsed by ProBioGen’s licensees. In addition, DirectedLuck can be used to create stable packaging cell lines for viral vectors and in gene and cell therapy.

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