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Puritan Liquid Amies Transport System changes name to Opti-Swab™

Formerly known as “Puritan Liquid Amies Transport System” for aerobic & fastidious bacteria, this combination of Puritan liquid Amies medium and HydraFlock® swabs is now marketed under a new brand name, Opti-Swab™. The Opti-Swab™ name and fresh new label assure the end user rapid and easy product recognition and confirmation that they’ve made the optimal choice.
Opti-Swab™ incorporates 1ml of liquid Amies medium and is available in 3 configurations – with one standard, one mini-tip, or one ultrafine tip HydraFlock® swab for specimen collection.  Vial and cap, medium and swab – all components have been engineered and produced by Puritan.   
Opti-Swab™ Transport Systems was independently confirmed by a complete validation study on Copan’s Wasp®: Walk-Away Specimen Processor (WASP).

Supplier: Puritan Medical Products

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