QuikRead go CRP test cleared in the US

Orion Diagnostica’s QuikRead go CRP test received clearance from the US FDA to market the device for clinical laboratories. The QuikRead go test system measures C-reactive protein (CRP) in whole blood, plasma and serum in 2 minutes. The system consists of a small device and a ready-to-use reagent kit with all the materials for performing the test. This easy-to-use system is in wide use worldwide. The tests available for the system outside US includes CRP, CRP+Hb, Strep A and iFOBT.  Measurement of CRP aids in the evaluation of injury to body tissues, and infection and inflammatory disorders. The advantages of measuring CRP lie in it being a sensitive, early, and reliable reflector of the acute-phase response. Quantitative measurement of CRP concentration has been reported to be a sensitive indicator of the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy and the course of bacterial infections. The rise in CRP level is non-specific.

Supplier: Orion Diagnostica Oy

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