DIASYS CLI Oct 2019 respons940

Random access analyser for medium-sized labs

Respons940 is a random access analyser with a true throughput of 400 tests/hour (640 tests/hour with ISE) irrespective of whether mono- or 2-component tests are performed. With an onboard capacity of 36 different methods in mono- or twin containers, 50 barcoded samples plus 30 positions for calibrators, controls or emergency samples, respons940 offers superior flexibility in organizing laboratory workflows. Ready-to-use reagents, one-grip loading of reagent containers, integrated bar code reader for samples and reagents, durable hard glass cuvettes, a maintenance-free photometric unit as well as a modern software interface turn respons940 into an allround system for everyday use. Owing to low reagent consumption and the proven quality of DiaSys reagents with long-term stability and broad measuring ranges which minimizes the need for re-runs, respons940 constitutes an economical analyser for medium-sized laboratories.

Supplier: DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH

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