Rapid molecular diagnostic tests for pathogens

Marking a significant advance in speed to results and ease-of-use, the new QuickFISH rapid pathogen tests helps clinical microbiologists and infectious diseases clinicians to optimise antibiotic therapy and care much earlier for patients with sepsis. This rapid, molecular diagnostic platform is based on proprietary PNA probe technology. It enables very fast (20 minutes) identification of bacteria directly from complex samples such as positive blood cultures, with clinical microbiologists obtaining results for causative pathogens, such as S. aureus, E. faecium, P. aeruginosa and Candida species, in time to report these together with Gram stain results. This, in turn, allows therapy selection to be based on more specific information at a critical antibiotic decision point for patients with sepsis. Only limited instrumentation and five minutes of hands-on time are needed for tests, simplifying and streamlining laboratory workflow. The built-in, universal controls ensure confidence in every test result.

Supplier: AdvanDx, Inc.

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