C317 Coris SurraSeroK SeT2

Rapid test for animal Trypanosomiasis

Surra is a trypanosomiasis caused by Trypanosoma evansi. It is the most widely geographically distributed hemoprotozoan parasite. T. evansi affects domestic animals such as camels, horses, cattles, buffaloes, small ruminants and dogs. It is mechanically transmitted by hemophagus flies, such as tabanus or Stomoxys. Wild animals can act as reservoir hosts. Surra causes severe anemia, edema, various nerological disorders resulting into death of infected animals, and immunodeficiencies leading to increased susceptibility to other diseases or vaccination failure. A serological test provides the most sensitive way to detect the infection, especially in chronic cases, with healthy carriers or when the parasitemia is low. The Surra Sero K-SeT is the first rapid diagnostic test for the detection of antibodies specific to Trypanosoma evansi in animal whole blood or serum. Fast and accurate, it is suitable for laboratories as well as field testing and requires minimal sample handling.

Supplier: Coris Bioconcept

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