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Rapid test range for viral infections

MP Diagnostics’ newly launched MULTISURE Range consists of three separate devices for the diagnosis of diseases that are of major health concern: Dengue, HIV and HCV. The MULTISURE rapid tests are qualitative immunochromatographic assays intended for the screening of dengue, HIV and HCV infections and are equipped with MP Diagnostics’ patented reverse flow technology. The patented reverse flow technology enhances visual identification for easier interpretation of results. MP Diagnostics’ ASSURE Reader and ASSURE Palm Reader are developed for use with the MULTISURE range of rapid tests and are fully integrated instruments designed for the institution’s needs. The MP ASSURE readers complement the reading and documentation of results for both laboratory and point-of-care settings. With the latest upgrade in software, the MP ASSURE readers’ integration to management systems would be seamless for all users.

The new test range is for research use only in the United States.

Supplier: MP Biomedicals- Diagnostics

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