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respons®940 – DiaSys clinical chemistry analyzer for medium sized labs

respons®940 is an automated random access clinical chemistry analyzer and offers a constant throughput of minimum 400 tests/h, independently whether a mono- or two component reagent is used. Including the optionally available ISE module with additional 240 test/h the total throughout increases to 640 tests/h.

With durable hard glass cuvettes, low reaction volumes, maintenance free photometer and intuitively touch screen operated software, respons®940 offers the economic use required from users worldwide. Its compact design and rapid analysis capability make respons®940 an essential tool in emergency rooms, clinics and small to mid-sized laboratories. Together with the dedicated respons® system reagent kits including CE marked applications and carry over evasion lists, respons®940 delivers the highest level of result reliability within minutes in combination with the easy operation of the respons® analyzers, optimizing workflow efficiency.