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Revvity Signals unveils Signals Clinical Solution to accelerate critical clinical trial insights

Revvity’s software and informatics division, Revvity Signals, has introduced the Signals Clinical solution, a software-as-a-service (SaaS), end-to-end clinical data science platform designed to centralize all clinical trial data, providing fast, actionable insights for quicker clinical decisions and accelerated market delivery of therapeutics.

This state-of-the-art solution, when integrated with enterprise-class Spotfire visual analytics, has the potential to redefine how the pharma­ceutical, biotech-nology, and contract research industries approach clinical trial data, offering an unprecedented level of access and insight to drive forward clinical development and therapeutic innovations.

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Kevin Willoe, SVP and general manager of Revvity Signals Software, emphasized the transformative potential of Signals Clinical, stating: “In the pharma, biotech, and contract research industries, the ability to swiftly and safely bring new treatments to market is paramount. Signals Clinical is our answer to the industry’s urgent need for a solution that not only is designed to protect patient safety but also empowers data-driven decision-making with near real-time analytics. By integrating this platform with advanced data visualization tools, we’re enabling our customers to navigate the complexities of clinical development with greater ease and efficiency, thereby accelerating the delivery of new drugs to patients.”

Signals Clinical centralizes all clinical development data in one location and enables selfservice access to clinical trial data, providing users with a complete picture of patient safety, treatment efficacy, and trial progress. This centralization enables rapid, actionable insights, facilitating faster and more informed clinical decisions, and significantly accelerating the time-to-market for essential therapeutics.

Signals Clinical, when combined with Spotfire not only streamlines the data preparation process but also enhances the delivery of strategic analyses, such as safety, efficacy and cross-study analysis. By reducing the time and resources spent on manual data handling, Signals Clinical allows organizations to focus on delivering critical clinical trial insights and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

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FAIR practices for collaborative data management
Championing FAIR principles , the platform streamlines data preparation, reducing effort and maximizing value. It offers customizable workflows for data management, clinical review, and study monitoring, along with integrated collaboration tools. These features allow queries to be documented and referenced by study managers, enhancing collaboration and boosting overall team efficiency for clinical researchers.

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