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RheoSense’s automated initium one plus viscometer tests 96 micro-volume samples in less than 24 hours

RheoSense’s flagship automated viscometer, the initium one plus, has an exciting new update. The versatile automated viscometer has been revamped to reach an impressive new throughput threshold.

With no human intervention after sample loading, the initium one plus can now test and analyze 96 samples in less than 24 hours. The required volume for each sample is further reduced to only 19 uL. With this new capability, fast screening and formulation development work are within a touch of fingertip.

• Test a full 96 well plate of samples automatically in less than 24 hours
• Enjoy unsurpassed repeatability and dependable measurements.
• Use sample sizes as small as 19 microlitres

California-based RheoSense specializes in creating industry leading viscometers using their groundbreaking patented Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC) technology.

“This advancement in small volume, high-throughput viscosity testing makes early-stage candidate screening and late-stage formulation development faster and more cost-effective than ever before,” explained Dr Seonggi Baek, founder and president of RheoSense.

RheoSense initium one plus