Rheumatoid Factor (RF)/IgG absorbent reagent

Specifically designed for IVD manufacturers for use in conjunction with immunodiagnostic assays, Binding Site’s RF/IgG absorbent reagent is distinctively formulated to remove both IgG and RF-IgM molecules from human serum. In principle, the reagent effectively prevents these components from non-specific binding within the test sample. This eliminates certain interference effects found with some immunodiagnostic assays that are aimed at quantitatively determining human antigen-specific IgM immunoglobulin concentrations, as found in various diagnostic disease states. As such, the RF/IgG Absorbent Reagent serves to enhance overall specificity by reducing both the number of false positive test results from native IgG components and the number of false negative test results from native RF-IgM components. The reagent demonstrates outstanding performance characteristics in routine use, and is available as a ready-to-use, fully liquid stable product offered in a number of convenient, operator-oriented packaging configurations, including bulk-sized formats.

Supplier: The Binding Site Group Ltd

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