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RT-PCR tests and B. pertussis PT IgG EIA

Real-Time (quantitative) PCR assays for Chlamydia pneumonia and Mycoplasma pneumoniae  allow rapid and accurate detection of these pathogens in less than an hour run time and  with <10 copies sensitivity. There will be separate kits as well as a multiplex kit for simultaneous detection of the 2 bacteria in a single tube reaction. Detection of a genomic DNA target is included in all kits as an internal control for sample validity, extraction and amplification.  A separate positive control is included as well. These assays are adaptable to most Real-Time PCR instruments with commonly used fluorescence channels.  Bordetella pertussis & B. parapertussis RT-PCR kits are in the pipeline.
The new Bordetella pertussis IgG EIA assay, which uses pertussis toxin (PT) as antigen, as recommended in the European ECDC guidelines, and is calibrated against the international standard, complete the company’s respiratory panel, now totalling 10 different EIA kits for Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Chlamydia pneumoniae and B. pertussis.

Supplier: Ani Labsystems Ltd Oy

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