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Safety hypodermic needle

For many healthcare workers, needlestick injuries carry a high risk of infection with blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis C and HIV, with recent studies revealing significantly higher levels of affliction amongst people in hospitals than in the wider population. Given the trauma experienced by those affected as well as the substantial consequential costs, Greiner Bio-One has added another new product to its range of safety solutions in an attempt to eliminate this risk as far as possible. The new VACUETTE CLIX Safety Hypodermic Needle can be used for taking venous blood samples and for giving injections. This versatile product comes with a wide range of needle thicknesses and lengths, easily distinguishable thanks to their colour-coded safety shields. Its intuitive use requires only minimal training. The needle has an integrated safety mechanism, which can be activated using a solid surface or the user’s thumb. When the users hear a click, they know that the safety shield is positioned securely around the needle and they can proceed without any risk of a needlestick injury. This product has been designed to be used with the VACUETTE HOLDEX tube holder, which has an eccentric luer fitting for a flatter puncture angle and thus increased comfort for the patient and user.


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