C230 Inpeco 01

Sample collection processing system

Almost 70% of clinical labs process mistakes happen during the sample collection phase, a crucial step for the entire diagnostic process. Today ProTube ensures unparalled reliability and complete biologic sample traceability, along the entire blood sampling phase. Starting from the positive patient identification to correct tube selection and labelling automation, ProTube tracks the whole sample process, through advanced data analytics systems and LIS real-time communication. Correct patient identification, no tube mismatches, process automation and 100% traceability are the key steps that lead to an improvement in the clinical lab workflow; ProTube allows the operator to save time in checks and manual operations, thus enabling the management of 40% more patients per hour (if compared to a centralized labelling system, see Plebani paper on “Pre-analytical phase” in Clinical Chimica Acta, 2015).

Supplier: Inpeco SA

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