Greiner VACUETTE glucose FC

Sample tube with glucose stabilization immediately after collection

The VACUETTE FC Mix Tube is specifically designed for reliable detection of diabetes and taking appropriate measures to combat the condition. The citrate/citric acid buffer ensures a quick stabilization of the blood sample. The glycolysis is catalysed and suppressed. Therefore, the blood sugar is held constantly at the in vivo value. Due to the sodium fluoride additive contained in the VACUETTE FC Mix Tube, inhibition is extended to 48 hours. Additionally, Na2-EDTA is included as an anticoagulant, which is effective due to complexation of Ca++. The almost full inhibition of glycolysis in the VACUETTE FC Mix Tube means that diagnosis is a much more reliable process than before. The stabilization is carried out in whole blood and therefore does not require immediate centrifugation. Unlike in tubes with liquid additives, the finely granulated additive does not cause a dilution effect. The breakdown of glucose (glycolysis) in venous blood samples is of great significance in pre-analytics, particularly in relation to the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes. To prevent imme-diate glycolysis in the event of delay between blood collection and measurement in the lab, test tubes should include a citrate/citric acid buffer as well as sodium fluoride (NaF).


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