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Secondary Tubes

Versatility is the great advantage of the new VACUETTE® Secondary Tubes developed by Greiner Bio-One. Th e tubes are available in two different types of material: PP (Polypropylene) and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). They are perfectly suited for various uses inside and outside the laboratory, e.g. aliquoting, pooling, centrifuging, freezing, storing or transporting sample material. Thanks to the special screw closure, they fulfill the IATA guidelines for safe sample transport. Naturally they also meet the CLSI Standard AUTO 1-A. The tubes are easy to open, cold-resistant (-80 °C), transparent and shatter-proof. In order to off er the appropriate packaging for each application, Greiner Bio-One has developed two versions. VACUETTE® Secondary Tubes MULTIPLEX are packaged in pull-open plastic bags, whereas VACUETTE® Secondary Tubes SIMPLEX were developed especially for use with automated laboratory equipment. They are offered in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. As they are already packaged pre-aligned in the cardboard container, they can be transferred directly into the storage container (plastic or metal box) of the laboratory machine. This is especially practical and saves valuable working time.


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