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Sekisui Diagnostics – Your global partner for over 30 years

Sekisui  Diagnostics is  a global diagnostics manufacturer focused on the clinical chemistry,  coagulation,  infectious disease,  and enzyme markets. Headquartered in Lexington, MA, we have 10 facilities  in 6 countries  and over 500 employees worldwide. We are dedicated to delivering differentiated products, instrument  systems, and services that support the improvement of patient care worldwide.

Formerly Genzyme Diagnostics, we changed  our name in 2011 when we began a fresh chapter  as part of the Sekisui Medical  family.  We remain focused on innovation and are now supported by the resources of our global parent corporation.   We are a diverse company with broad product lines, a global sales and distribution network, extensive product  development capabilities,  state of the art manufacturing  facilities,  and deep diagnostics expertise.

Our core competency is to work with healthcare  professionals  and diagnostic manufacturers to deliver high-quality diagnostic  products  that help improve patient health.

Today’s healthcare professionals have a challenging  job. They  need to deliver quality, cost-effective test results that support patient  care and facilitate effective outcomes. Accurate, reliable diagnostic tests and systems from Sekisui Diagnostics can help provide the quality results doctors, patients, and researchers expect in a fast, cost-effective, and responsible way.

Our broad product lines include:

  • Clinical chemistry systems and reagents
  • Coagulation systems and reagents
  • Infectious disease rapid tests, LINE immunoassays, ELISA kits and instrumentation

Diagnostic  manufacturers  are also seeking quality products and services to best meet the needs of their customers. Manufacturers  require  a reliable  partner with a broad portfolio developed, produced, and tested to exacting standards. We are a leading provider of quality products, supplying both off-the-shelf enzymes and reagent kits as well as customized materials and formats to an extensive number of regional and global partners. We also offer contract development and manufacturing services to meet technical specifications and branding  requirements. All are backed by manufacturing and distribution operations in North America, Europe, and Asia.

By partnering with us, manufacturers benefit from our:

  • Manufacturing and development expertise
  • Global sales and distribution network
  • Global service and support
  • Dedicated business-to-business sales team

Today the world is becoming a smaller place, and we are more and more connected  to each other. The  linkage between communities  around the world offers unprecedented opportunities for development and improvement of health and living  standards. Globalization  also brings risks, as it increases the prevalence of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, infectious diseases, and cancer.  We are committed to taking an active role addressing these challenges by applying innovative technology to support the development of diagnostic products that can help improve global health.

Sekisui Diagnostics—Your global partner for the next 30 years, and beyond.