C342 biosystems

Semi-automated coagulometers

BioSystems is introducing new models of semi-automated coagulometers aimed at small to medium-sized laboratories. The COAX family includes 1, 2 or 4 optical channel devices. Operation is very intuitive, with a high quality colour touchscreen, allowing easy patient data management. Including state-of-the-art optics, the instrument uses disposable cuvettes with automatic light level adjustment at each channel to avoid optical disturbances, and a high optical resolution that allows high accuracy. The absorbance of the reaction is monitored continuously so time control starts immediately after reagent addition (thus, not requiring special pipettes as triggers). Also, thanks to their neat design making them easy to clean, as well as their minimum maintenance requirements, the instruments meet the typical needs of small and medium-sized labs. For all devices in the COAX series, BioSystems offers a complete range of the most common tests: PT, APTT, FIB and TT, validated lot to lot to achieve maximum performance. Besides, COAX2 and COAX4 are able to read additional tests using either chromogenic or latex reagents, such as individual coagulation factors, Antithrombin III, Protein C or D-Dimer.

Supplier: BioSystems

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